The Last Monarch

Monarch on gomphrenas--photo copyright Anne Underwood EnslowDeli on Washington Street--photo copyright Anne Underwood EnslowI thought the great migration of monarch butterflies from the Northeast to Mexico had ended. It had been weeks since I’d seen a monarch in my garden. But today I spotted this straggler on the main street of Hoboken, sampling the nectar of some flowers outside a deli. These purple gomphrenas are apparently a butterfly delicacy. Note to self: Plant some next year!
Monarch on gomphrenas--photo copyright Anne Underwood Enslow

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One Response to The Last Monarch

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have raised roughly 30 monarchs since October from egg to wing with Unfortuneatly quite a few casualties. I Have 50 baby milkweeds that are 3-4 inches tall and 2 grown plants that look more like sticks shooting out of the ground. Today I noticed 6 eggs have been laid on my Mexican oregano. I don’t care cause I don’t harvest it to eat I just grow it as a chemical free home deodorizer. What’s going on will the hatched cats eat that plant? Please tell me yes.
    By the way I live on the east coast of central Florida and about 7 miles inland. Just in case that information helped you figure out what and why things are happening this way. Thank you

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