May 2, 2013: The USDA and EPA conclude that colony collapse disorder in honeybees is due to multiple onslaughts from pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and lack of genetic diversity.
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Oct 22, 2012: Wow, it’s no longer enough to avoid first- and second-hand smoke. Now we’ve got to dodge third-hand smoke too (in upholstery, on clothing …). Another reason to spend more time in the garden!

Oct 18, 2012: OK, this isn’t gardening, but I have to note the demise of Newsweek, where I worked for many years. RIP.

Oct 17, 2012: What do you do if you want a garden, but you don’t even have room for a few pots? “Fairy gardening.” (Think dollhouse sized gardens.)

Oct 14, 2012: Today is National Chocolate-Covered Insects Day. Who knew?

Oct 10, 2012: Love this idea–a day off work each week to grow your own food.

Oct 8, 2012: Why I won’t be raising chickens–lead in NYC eggs. (Not much of a surprise, actually. The city’s soil is contaminated from years of car exhaust. If hens are scratching around in it, no wonder they’re being exposed.)

Sept 20, 2012: Why arsenic is in our rice–and what to do about it. (Apparently California-grown rice doesn’t contain as much of the poison, because it’s not raised on land once used for cotton growing. I’m sticking with Lundberg, a California-based organic rice company.)

Sept 12, 2012: Scott’s Miracle-Gro is fined for putting insecticides in wild bird food.

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