Mohonk Mountain Magic

Mohonk Mountain House
Admittedly, it hardly qualifies as “urban gardening” when you have hundreds of acres to plant in the crisp, clear setting of New York’s Shawangunk Mountains. But the gardens at Mohonk Mountain House are always spectacular. This year was no exception–and may even hold some ideas for your own garden.

Foxglove at Mononk


Serrano dahlia at Mohonk

Serrano dahlia

Edinburgh dahlia at Mohonk

Edinburgh dahlia

Purple hyacinth beans at Mononk

Purple hyacinth beans, an heirloom variety (planted as early as 1804 by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello)

Vanilla spoon at Mohonk

Vanilla spoon flower, with its unusual spoon-shaped petals

Mingus Gregory dahlias at Mohonk

Mingus Gregory dahlias

Sentimental Sunrise begonias at Mohonk

Sentimental Sunrise begonia. You can eat the petals–they taste lemony!

Fishnet Stockings coleus at Mohonk

Fishnet Stockings coleus

Kelvin Floodlight "dinner plate" dahlias at Mohonk

Kelvin Floodlight dahlia, a giant variety known as a “dinner plate” dahlia for its size

Water lilies on the lily pond at Mohonk--photo copyright Anne Underwood Enslow

Water lilies on the lily pond

Solanum quitoense from Ecuador--photo copyright Anne Underwood Enslow

Solanum quitoense (naranjilla) from Ecuador. Check out those spikes on both the top and bottom of the leaves.

Indigo Rose tomatoes at Mohonk--photo copyright Anne Underwood Enslow

Indigo Rose tomatoes–a new (and very deep purple) hybrid from Oregon

Ballerina Blau fuchsia at Mohonk--photo copyright Anne Underwood Enslow

Ballerina Blau fuchsia

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